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Title: Sundress

Saturday morning I decided that I wanted a sundress, always wanted one. So, got my bra with forms (40B) panties GV jeans, maryJane shoes, womans 'T' over the pink lace bra, and a whire womans long sleeve summer shirt, white, over the 'T' so my bra wouldn't be visible from the rear.
Went to Lane Bryant store and asked a sales girl to show me what sundresses they had, and could i try them on. Well, the SA was quite helpful and asked what sizes I needed. I told her a womans 16, so she picked out 3 dresses and opened a dressing room for me. I tried them on and none fit. So I went to her again and asked for larger sizes. A few women in the store were watching me but no negative reaction could be detected.
She picked them out and said, I hope that these will fit you. Several women nearby heard her and they looked at me. I smiled and took the dresses to the dressing room. I tried them on and didn't like the fit of any of them, so I left. I went to Kohls Dept. store then, and found 4 sundresses that I liked in the misses dept, all XL petite. I tried them on in the mens dressing room and 1 of them looked and felt so wonderful that I took it to the cash register, Waiting in line with the dress in hand and my very visible MaryJane shoes, some people noticed but no one said anything. When I got to the register, the woman rang it up and I paid, again no reaction. I took the package and walked out the door feeling very happy.

It was a very rewarding day. Girls, be adventurous, go shopping and tell the SA that the clothes are for you and could they please help you pick out something that looks good and fits well. You'll be surprised what the pleasantries will get you.

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