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Title: Vinyl Panties

I wear ruffled rhumba vinyl panties with my victorian maid outfit. The fabric of the maid outfit is what causes me to become erect while the vinyl keeps my semen from leaking onto the dress. Of course, once my penis is erect, it quickly becomes wet and sloppy. We all know what this leads to. I start by rubbing the shaft, feeling the satin fabric of the maid outfit rubbing against the nylon outershell of the ruffled panties. I usually get to a point where ejaculation is imminent, but stop and walk around, feeling the petticoated maid outfit bounce off my butt. I brush my shoulder length blonde hair, keeping the bangs straight and lay back down on my tummy. I grasp my pillow firmly and press the silicon breast forms roughly into the pillow. Then I scoot myself across my belly and erect penis, pretending that I'm a virgin getting it for the first time. At this point, I'm very sloppy and usually blow my wad within ten minutes.

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