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Title: Panty Submissive

My wife and I like to have kinky sex once in a while but my all-time favorite is of course panty fun.
This is a true story. We were visiting relatives out of town and had gotten to our hotel very late that night after the gathering.

Both of us were horny but very tired. Soon into our foreplay and kinky preparations we fell asleep completely exhausted unable to continue. I woke up and soon realized I had on my wife's pink silk panties adorned with very feminine lace trim. I instantly got hard and looked at my waking wife to see if she was willing to continue our fun now that we had rested.

She suggested we grab coffee and go for a walk first. "But leave on your little panties!" she said wryly. Heaven, anticipating her game was very arousing. We walked along a nature path admiring the beauty. My wife, (Diane), told me to walk a little ahead of her and undo my pants so I could show her my panties as I walked. I was about 15 feet ahead of her with my pants button undone.

I let my jeans ease down so my silky pink panty was visible. "Mmmm, sexy panty you're wearing" Diane said laughingly. "Lean on that tree and drop your pants you panty girl!". I got a rush over that and complied of course. Diane came up behind me and pressed her crotch against the silk panty covering my ass. Her hands reached up under my shirt and she gently pinched my nipples. I was so horny being submissive like this, exposed in my panties. She removed her sweater quickly and surprised me by saying "Now I'm exposed too dear!". She continued her game topless, her nipples hardening in the brisk morning air. Diane's breathing was getting husky as it always does when she gets very aroused in her dominant role.

We became oblivious to our surroundings elated in our kinky setting. At once we both turned to see a man standing behind us just watching in disbelief. He was in his 30's I'd guess, decent looking. I felt ashamed, caught! My wife always has a way of turning embarrassing situations around. It's a gift I've learned she possesses that I wish I had. I was still facing my tree but my wife turned to this man, breasts fully exposed, with her rock hard nipples pointing right at him. He stared, frozen by this sight of beautiful tits and a man in pink silk panties with his ass pushed back. "Want to watch?" Diane asked. I was stunned. But she turned back to me and continued arousing my body in every way.

I felt one of her hands on my ass and realized she was unbuttoning her pants. Sure enough, while she still pressed me to the tree, she dropped her pants and stepped out of them. Now both of us were exposing our panties! Diane had on a white satin sting bikini and me in my pink silk bikini getting grinded by her now pantied mound. I'm not sure if she motioned for him to approach, or if he took it upon himself, but now he was behind my wife playing with her nipples. She moaned and quivered with excitement. "Can I?" she asked me. 'What was she asking?' I thought, but just mumbled "Yes". She began rubbing this guys crotch. He was obviously into her because when I looked back his bulge was quite obvious. My wife looked at me and quickly turned to the man and kissed him lustingly on the mouth while grabbing his cock through his jeans. She immediately dropped to her knees and opened his pants.

There I was in my pink panties watching her on her knees sucking cock in only her satin string bikini panties. She was devouring him, obviously loving this kinky turn of events. She then told me to get under her and eat her pussy "...while I suck his cock" she added. 'Oh my God' I thought, but secretly was very glad to do it. I lay under her pantied pussy and so hornily licked and sucked her soaking pussy. "Get it ready for him" Diane said between cock slurping. Oh yes I thought, this is wild. "Ok, fuck me with that gorgeous cock!" Diane yelled. He took his cue without hesitation and was fucking the shit out of her doggie style right in front of me. Diane told me to get under her and suck her tits, which I did as I watched his 8" soaking wet cock slide into my wife's open pussy. Diane took my cock out of my panties and started sucking fervently. She was in an altered state. She began saying sexy things like we always do when having sex. "Give me that cock, fuck me, oh yes fuck it baby, I love cock, I love sucking cocks, lots of cocks in my face cumming, fuck my mouth, cum on my face...." etc... Diane came many times, multiple orgasms were happening right in front of my face as she drenched his cock and balls with her sloppy female cum.

Suddenly she yelled to me "Danny, you eat his cum out of me ok?, You eat it, lick it out of me please ok Danny?". Oh my God x2!!! She then coaxed this guy to cum in her. "Ok, cum in my pussy, cum in me, fill me with your hot cum baby, do it do it!". He exploded in her. I could see his balls tighten and relax as they shot cum deep in her.

He pulled his big cock out and let his last squirt of cum shoot onto her now wide open pussy. Her widened cunt, soaked with her own juices and his thick white cum shot onto her well pleasured hole. "Oh baby, clean his cock! I want to watch that please, then eat me out". I gladly cinched up further underneath her, now under her dripping pussy. He kneeled down letting his cock hang there for me. I sucked that cock so greedily.

It was my first and only time doing that and I loved being the pantied cock sucker. I actually was so into it that he surprisingly shot his second load right in my mouth. It was the kinkiest thing I ever did. My wife exclaimed "Oh yes!" as she watched me sucking the cum off his big cock. "Now eat his cum out of me too" Diane ordered, which I did as she jerked my pantied cock off.

When I finally came she made me suck it off her fingers, every drop. I had sucked and licked 3 loads of cum on my first try at this new game. I still get super horny remembering this experience and my wife and I often talk about it while having sex, it gets us going really hot

We've never done it again but we probably will if we could ever have a setting that allowed us to be anonymous as we were then. Hope you enjoyed our experience.

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