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Made for a woman but worn by a man

Welcome to Guys Wearing Panties online store. A store for men who enjoy wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie.

Why buy panties from a store that sells panties for what woman want in panties, we sell panties for what men want in panties. You won't find boring, plain descriptions of panties, lingerie or pantyhose here. You'll find descriptions that will inform you how each item will feel against your body.

Our inventory is select and limited, we hand select panties that are to be enjoyed by a man. Why open your panty drawer and pick out a plain pair, open your panty drawer and see before you a selection of panties that shine, shimmer, and beg to be worn, and you will definitely know you are wearing them. These are the types of panties that remain at the top of your panty drawer. Therefore quantity is very limited and the selection is always changing, so go ahead and add to your panty collection before another fellow panty wearer scoops up that pair you had your eyes on.

So what makes the best panty collection. Well everyone is different some men prefer thongs, hi cut panties, bikini panties, or briefs, some men prefer nylon panties, satin panties, cotton panties or lace panties, some men prefer pink, black, white, prints, dark colors, or light colors and. All of us who wear panties have our favorites but a good mix of panties always makes for the best panty collection.

All orders are shipped DISCREETLY. No mention of guys wearing panties or anything relating to this this site is printed on the package. If you want to shop knowing your package and information will always be keep discreet you are shopping at the right place. We offer a few options for payment including paypal, money order, or cash (sorry no personal checks). Again our focus is being discreet and giving you the options to choose which method of payment is most discreet and comfortable for you.

Wearing woman's panties is fun, pleasurable, exciting and comforting, and what a STRESS reliever. If they started making panties for men, well that would just not be as fun and exciting as wearing something that is made for a woman.

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